Size: 122 cm h x 91 cm w, 48” h x 36” w
Media: Collage, ink print from a sockeye, oil paint on canvas
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Contemporary society’s consumption of fossil fuels is causing a steady increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, as a result, the Earth’s temperature is rising. Because of this phenomenon, a global meltdown of mountain glaciers is happening at an unprecedented geological rate. To put this into perspective, the Earth’s oceans make up 96.8% of the total water volume. Only 3.2% of the planet’s water is potable, of which 2.4% is locked in the glaciers and .8% is in the groundwater, lakes, biosphere, soil moisture, atmosphere and rivers. Within the next half-century, British Columbia’s rivers and streams could virtually dry up, which could decimate many of our natural resources including the Fraser River sockeye.


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